BALAJI EDUCATIONAL SERVCES with vast knowledge and experiences of the Indian education system, we believe we provide our clients the right service and assistance for admission guidance. Our selection of universities and college or institute has been very carefully selected to provide the right balance and options for our customers. We will provide you a wide range of locations, courses will be according to the customer which best suits all needs and budgets.

BALAJI EDUCATIONAL SERVCES is the best consultancy services which provide a educational solutions to the students for pursuing their graduates and under graduates studies at universities and colleges in India. BALAJI EDUCATIONAL SERVCES provides great opportunities its students by offering variety of courses.

As per your vision of your career and your mission to get a highest level of educational knowledge, we will make it the grand success by providing you a right path. We provide consultancy services for engineering, medical, management and diploma etc for undergraduate and post graduate programme.

BALAJI EDUCATIONAL SERVCES maintains its high standard and quality in all aspects through appropriate counselling, friendly environment and of course the best qualified advice and solutions.


Our vision is to enhance students to select the right course and institutions. It is very crucial decision that one should take by their own or with family members. One bad decision will make your life spoil. It is only for the student those who are very happy with the choice of course and the institution that he has to make. At BALAJI EDUCATIONAL SERVCES we are always ensuring that our dignified students are able to identify the institutions/ universities right courses which are offered and are closely meeting their parents and long term aims developed their potential. Our main vision is to provide extensive counselling to the prospective student regarding different courses and institutions option available. The motto of BALAJI EDUCATIONAL SERVCES is to get the students educates and enhances the proper knowledge and guidance about their career.